One more step towards developed nation

Welcome to our website. This website is operated by Pacvara India Pvt. Ltd. Company that is committed to provide the youth the proper place through the awareness of games and sports. Its main purpose is to guide and support them. Almost 80% youth of our country belong to middle class or lower class families who are passionate and talented about games and sports. They live far away from the cities and the sport is beyond access. They are not able to fulfill their dreams due to lack of resources and proper information. Without proper support, they cannot hit the target. Sometimes they go astray and lost their talent. Through this campaign, we assure that the young athletes will open their wings and fly freely. They have power to do everything. They only need a platform. Our campaign will provide them such a golden opportunity.  Through this campaign we want to bring a revolutionary change in the sphere of games and sports. We shall bring the hidden talent out before the world from every corner of the country. It will provide them an opportunity to show their talent.          This campaign is being conducted by this company to find out the athletes. An examination will be held by the organizers of the company in which the  athletes will have to appear to prove their talent. If they pass the exam, a chance of selection will be provided to them. The selection committee will refer the candidate in the allotted team, and the candidates will be able to give wings to their dreams.  Let us come all together to build such a nation as  every citizen could enjoy a good health and cheerful smile, and fulfill the vision of a developed nation.         

“A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”                                                                               


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